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Rapsody tackles social issues on her latest single "The Pain"






Rapsody's last project 'Crown' solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with. The mixtape was a tour de force that would stand the test of time for the social commentary, firebrand approach and of course the hard body beats (props to 9th Wonder and the rest of the soul council). While the fans wait for another solid offering from the North Carolina native, she blesses us with a TIDAL exclusive single titled "The Pain". 

Rapsody wastes no time in addressing delicate subject matter like black on black crime, hyper masculinity, sexism, single parenting and much more. Sounds like a lot but Rapsody manages to touch on said topics with such eloquence and finesse that would have you hitting the play button all over again. "The Pain" is a gloomy, neck snapping track crafted by the underrated beatsmith Nottz who helps accentuate her message with such sonic brilliance.

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