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Smerz get weirder with new song and video "Oh my my" [Video]

Smerz, the electronic pop duo from Norway, have been making sleepy techno-influenced pop with an alternative twist for the last few years, but on this latest single "Oh my my", they have gotten pleasantly weirder. 

The music video has a very DIY feel as it presents Henriette and Catharina sitting outside at a table, each taking their turn casually reciting their lyrics to the camera. The only other shot used in the video is one of Catharina grooving out, angled from below to set her against the blue sky behind her. 

The track is less melodic than their previous releases, and the doubled/processed vocals create a detuned effect that adds to this. Like with their other songs however, the minimalism and airy vocals on "Oh my my" sneakily veil thick beats, wayward sub bass, and a powerful, compressed sound. About halfway through (there is no standard verse-chorus structure to refer to here), an elusive, slinking bass line goes in and out while a hypnotic wash of noise that almost sounds like rain works beautifully with the actual rain that is gently falling throughout the video. 

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