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JazzZ sets the tone on 'Practice' EP

"Who is JazzZ?" is the first question that crossed my thoughts as I hit the play button on this latest release. The emerging singer's first studio project, a 7-track EP titled ‘Practice’ may be able to answer the aforementioned question. Prior to the release, she has been building her performing skills with weekly spots at various events. In 2014, she put out a first release: a cover of Drake’s "Marvin’s Room" titled  "Somebody". Between increasing her presence in the performing circuit, she followed up with "Aboki" in 2015 and "Body & Soul" in 2016.

From the first track "Pill", which fills the eardrum with an atmospheric yet soulful ambience, JazzZ puts her best foot first showcasing her soul influenced vocals fused with jazz and hip-hop. The EP taps into a wide range of emotions from beauty of falling in love and of course out of it. She ventures to sing about both sides of the coin so the listener will experience the duality of said subject. 

JazzZ, who hails from Kogi State, was born in Warri and has lived most of her life in Lagos. Her love for music was discovered at a young age when she stumbled on a Sam Cooke album from her mother’s music library. Armed with her acoustic guitar, she weaves through a unique sound that she has termed ‘Urban’, drawing influences from Jazz, Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop.

The 7-track EP has guest verses from Boogey and Idris King. It features production from Exe Plosive, Shady Bizniz, Gclef, E-Zhone, Seven and Justee Beats.

Connect with JazzZ : Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram 


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