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Olivia Nelson channels "Cleopatra" on debut single

Being a featured name on a house record can be a blessing or a curse for aspiring singers. A curse in that they're forever viewed as a featured singer, or a blessing in helping to launch their careers into a trajectory to stardom. The latter is much harder to achieve than the former, but after hearing Olivia Nelson on her first feature and its authentic way and falsetto, it was obvious she would be a name to watch. This week the singer-songwriter out of London has debuted her first original, entitled "Cleopatra." 

Out officially on June 9th, "Cleopatra" is a strong debut for Nelson as her first solo foray. With nods to funk and R&B, the track is a great canvas for her voice and the track's infectiousness that easily draws us in. Check it out above.

Connect with Olivia Nelson: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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