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Chris Buxton continues to prove he's in control on new single "Swerve" [Premiere]

Penthouse Music might be familiar as the collective led by artist Skizzy Mars. Skizzy isn't the only bright star. He and his team have steadily been building a solid arsenal of artists, producers, and creatives in general. One bright star of the crew is South Carolina native Chris Buxton.

Chris Buxton has mastered the art of creating music that straddles between rap and r&b in the same vein as Childish Gambino (Donald Glover). With this trend becoming ever so popular, it's not always executed successfully. But each of his releases goes to prove that wrong, and his new single "Swerve" is the latest proof.

"Swerve" was produced by the super talented Hiko Momoji, who has worked with Khalid, Father, and Dutchboy. Hiko created an upbeat, clapped-filled cut that is the perfect springboard for Chris to create an infectious jam. Chris sings of loving a special someone with expensive taste that isn't feeling the same way; but rather than force the situation, he says, "Swerve on me". In describing the single, Chris shared,

“Basically it's a song that drew inspiration from wanting something you can't have. I feel like as people we have all been in a situation where we liked someone and we're willing to go through it all to have them. However, this song is about me looking back at the time and wishing that girl would have curved me or (Swerve on me) because she never truly liked me. I was willing to give my all and she was willing to take advantage of that. I fell in love with what we could have been and not who she was.”

Let's hope we can expect a project from Buxton in the near future; but until then, press play on "Swerve".

Connect with Chris Buxton: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Single artwork by SUBLIMINALPLUS.

Premiere · R&B · Rap


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