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Emmit Fenn releases seductive new single "Woman"

Although you may not have heard his name yet, 21-year-old Emmit Fenn has already managed to become a big player on Spotify with a body of work consisting of only five tracks. His song "Painting Greys," which is around one year old now, has garnered over 13 million streams— making Fenn a chart-topper of Global Spotify for eight days in a row. Since then, Fenn has been busy focusing his sound, which has had clear electronic influence up until his newest single which was released today, titled "Woman." The track is stripped down to a few resonating deep electric guitar chords that frame his gravelly vocals. The song is accompanied by an interactive platform that gives the song a unique visual component, featuring soft strobing lights that together form the silhouette of a woman. Fenn's cavernous hum at the beginning of the chorus (very James Blake-esque), which repeats the phrase "you are my woman," ties the track together possibly making it Fenn's next Spotify hit.

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