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inverness releases swinging new single "Working On You"

Complete with happy-go-lucky whistles, an infectious snap and smooth synths, Illinois native inverness' newest single "Working On You" is a certified summer bop. The up and coming producer effortlessly combines electronic, jazz and soul elements on the new tune, released via BonFire Records

"Working On You" encapsulates those honeymoon phase feels where playing it cool is overrated. The new tune showcases inverness' future bass vibe perfectly; it's masterfully experimental while maintaining a catchy hook and pop-leaning vocals. While his name pays homage to his hometown in Inverness, Illinois, the rising star currently hails from NYC and Honolulu. His 2017 releases include the equally as eye-catching single "Can't Keep Us" out on independent imprint PRMD Music, and a glitchy remix of Mr. Carmack's "Kick It Up" premiered on NEST HQ. Listen to "Working On You" above, and stay tuned for more music from this new favorite. 

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