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jopippins releases new track "Tattoos"

jopippins is an artist that resides in Charlotte, North Carolina and has just released his latest track. "Tattoos" is a track that lets the world know that he has nothing but money on his mind. On this one, jopippins channels his inner Travis Scott as he uses a heavy autotune on the hook to really set the tone for the entire track. But, he does not shy away from using his raw voice to show that he's got some bars too, especially when he says, "These birds just want rings like Boston in '81".  This instrumental was produced by jo and uses a guitar riff that sounds so good that you would think this shit came straight from Van Halen himself. Add some tight ass drums, a nice steady bassline, and jopippins vocals on top of this and you got yourself a hit. This is the perfect track to get your summer started so stop sleepin and listen above. 

Connect with Jopippins: Twitter / Spotify

Hip-Hop · Southern Trap


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