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Phora delivers powerful new visuals for "Sinner Pt. 2"

Coming straight out of Los Angeles, rising star Phora has built up quite a buzz for himself. This time he comes at you with some stunning new visuals for his song, "Sinner Pt. 2". On this track, Phora really looks to himself as he talks about all of the self-destructive behaviors and regrets he has done in his 22 years. Phora teamed up with director George Orozco to bring this insanely powerful track to life. Okay first off, these visuals are insane man. The track starts out with the young artist in what seems to be inside of a church where he is alone. As the song progresses, he starts to spit his verses inside the church as well as out in a forest and you can see how much this track means to him. Throughout this entire video, you can see the pain in his face as he reminisces on those dark and sad times in his life. For each event that he brings up, you see a visual representation of it in the video. For instance, he says, "And my lil homie's doing 25 / If God exists why he never try?" and you see a young black male being escorted by a police officer. These visuals bring light to what he is trying to get accomplished on this one. Phora said that he made this track when he was at lowest point in his life. He reveals. "Everything was changing around me... family, friends, my life. I started losing people, forever, and I started to notice myself changing." You can check out this amazing video above and be sure to check out the schedule for the Yours Truly 2017 Tour where Phora will be headlining. 


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