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Dope Music Village look for a lighter in the video for "It's Been Lit Ever Since" [Premiere]

Dope Music Village is a hip-hop trio consisting of Brain Rapp, Nature Boi, and Ezko. Coming off their latest project, You're Welcome, they are ready to show the world their visuals for the track, "It's Been Lit Ever Since" and we got our hands on it first. This video starts out with the group chopping some wood outside and having the time of their lives while doing so. They decide to spark up a joint and they run into the world's worst problem, who's got the lighter? The rest of the video is a journey of finding something capable of producing any sort of flame to help take care of their issue. With all the visuals shot by Guru Media Group, the viewer gets a great look at the chemistry that these guys have built together. This is a very fun and fast paced track with all three of them bringing their best to the table and these visuals help bring this track to life. 

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If you enjoyed this video and have become a fan of this talented group of dudes, you're in luck! They are about to hit a small US tour in the next month. You can peep the dates here:

5/20 - PA's Lounge -- Somerville, MA

5/21 - Fete Music Hall -- Providence, RI

5/22 - RVP Studios -- West Haven, CT

5/25 - Friends and Lovers -- Brooklyn, NY

5/28 - Songbyrd Music House -- Washington, DC

5/30 - The Camel, Richmond, VA

Be sure to check out this awesome video above and be on the lookout for new music coming from these guys in the future.


Connect with Dope Music Village: Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

Hip-Hop · Southern Trap


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