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Steve Void chimes in summer vibes in "West LA"

I'd first heard of The Netherlands-based Steve Void with his peppy rendition of Matoma's "False Alarm", a feel good remix fine tuned to brighten anyone's day. After that discovery, I've only found the most positive vibes from Void's music - the kind that you drive around to with the windows down or bump at an afternoon bonfire. His sound is a reminder of all that is great in life, uplifting us in the simplest ways by inducing a subtle smile on our face or triggering a mini dance party in our underwear. 

Steve Void's latest work "West LA" makes me wanna hop a plane back to Los Angeles and escape the dreary grey skies of Vancouver. The track is an immediate reflection of the atmosphere in LA, with its bouncy melodies and cheerful attitude. The lyrics are also infectious, within 20 seconds of the song you're set to memorize the words and will be humming "West LA" all day. Steve Void's poppy treat in "West LA" are riddled in fun melodies and a buoyancy that will take you on a temporary vacation.

Connect with Steve Void: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Electronic · Rhythmic Pop


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