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Matt Lange emerges from techno into rock-infused 'Punish Me'

We've seen Matt Lange evolve before our eyes. From his early trance to more recent techno, the LA-based artist has explored his many emotion, and has shown us he doesn't want to be labeled just a DJ and producer. He continues this journey on Punish Me, a three-track EP out now via his own isorhythm. The label's name itself speaks to Lange's interest in music and its technicalities, with its dictionary definition as "a compositional technique developed during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. It involves repetitive use of rhythmic patterns (prefix iso of Greek origin means equal)." But whether he's employed this technique on Punish Me or not, it's an impressive new moment for him.

Punish Me is full on rock. Dark in a way reminiscent of his electronic techno work, each track covers new ground for Lange, and surprisingly, emits that dark energy more overtly than what we think of as "dark techno." Pulling from grunge and what we can even spot as early 2000's rock sounds, we're intrigued to see what's next for Lange.

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