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Jaffna makes an impressive debut with 'Ripples' EP

Here's what we know about Jaffna: they're a duo made up of artists Bravin and Stan, two Parisian creators. They have a handful of SoundCloud followers and a handful of Facebook likes - but honestly, none of that matters. What's most important to know about Jaffna is that they just released their debut EP, Ripples, and it might be the best thing you'll hear from a new artist - dare we say it - all year so far. 

Each of the four tracks on Ripples takes on a new form. "Immersion" and "Waves" convey beautiful landscapes, with organic well-planned movements that take us through moody beginnings and scintillating instrumentals. The EP's lead single, "Hear Me Out," has just as beautiful production under a foggy, new to the game-sounding vocal. And lastly, "Elle" brings out the duo's Frenchness, with witty, fluttering piano composition combined with unearthly arpeggios and crescendos.

While we might not know much about Jaffna, from what we can tell from their music, the duo is meant for big things.

Connect with Jaffna: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

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