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Deacon LF's 'Craton' is off the Richter [Premiere]

Bay Area blapilarian Deacon LF is gracing the Milkysphere today with Craton, his long-awaited project that's packed to the brim with E. Honda-level slaps. It’s apropos the record is named after the nucleus of a tectonic plate—Deacon’s intricately crafted jams are underground, floating on hot fire, and will shake you to your core.

Peep out the EARMILK premiere of Craton below, and be sure to listen all the way through as there’s plenty of surprises waiting to jump out at you like a cracked-out Gary Busey.

Craton, which Deacon LF describes as “a love letter to the foundational part of rap," is a delectable treat for hip hop heads, beat heads, and listeners who need some aural slappy juice to soundtrack their 9-5 monotony. Crate diggers will especially appreciate Deacon’s jambalaya of scrumptious samples, compiled from 60-70 different records. “Meteor Dusted In A Chill Nebula,” the lead single, epitomizes Deacon’s trademark eclecticism that stitches together all sorts of kinks and quirks: clever chops, steezy drums, delightfully random vocal samples, sax riffs and a “momma there goes that man” bassline. Other favorites include the chilled-out opener “Your Place Had The Best Sleepovers” and the Andre 3000-infused “Cool Story Brouroboros."

“Having no rappers to make the world of this thing for me, I had a chance to make my own,” explained Deacon LF. “For the first time, I really sat down with good minimum viable product beats and tried to expand them into bigger things. This album really ended up channeling a lot of the rap stuff I’ve loved over the last 15 years. Thanks to everyone who shared it with me.”

After gigging to Craton, be sure to check out Deacon LF’s other work on Paleo Future with Mandeep Sethi, The Purple Lighter with Paul Bie, and The Woods with KEVORKIAN and Cyberclops. We’re sure he has some other shmangers planned for 2017, too, so be on the looky-look for more mmm mmm good from the Deacon!

Connect with Deacon LF: Twitter | SoundCloud | Bandcamp

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