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Amber Mark delivers soon to be breakout hit in "Lose My Cool" [Video]

Amber Mark was raised in a world of wonder. Her time as a child traveling the world - everywhere from Nepal to Miami - and experiencing them through her artist mother, brought Mark into a constant exploration of her own creative limits at an early age. No wonder she is launching her career as a singer, songwriter and producer.  But as with many successful works of art, progress does not come without pain, seeing Mark begin her career as an inspired comfort in the artistic process after her mother's death. Today, we start to receive the fruits of that labor in the first single off of her debut EP, 3.33am

Entitled "Lose My Cool," the single is one of a few on the EP that deals with her own grief. In her own words, "Regret, anger, isolation, sadness, questioning and overcoming," brought us "Lose My Cool," but it certainly isn't a one-note melancholy song. In fact, it's uplifting.

I didn’t want it to be this sad, depressing EP. I wanted it to uplift people who had gone through it.

With piano, new R&B vocals, surprising harmonies and worldly electronic production, "Lose My Cool" is an impressive debut. Along with its music video, we're totally hooked and can't wait to see what Amber Mark does next.

"Lose My Cool" is out now via PMR Records.

Connect with Amber Mark: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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