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Ducky to the world: “I can do it myself” [free download]

Ducky is back shortly after her riotous inaugural Bliss Tape with a new track, “I Can Do It Myself;” the title says it all. The one-off arrives as a free download, a gift from Toneden to fans. It also marks Ducky's first release on her new label, Quackhouse Records.

It’s a hard-hitting, raucous genre-bending track that wobbles the line between drumstep and happy hardcore-infused complextro. If that description sounds all-over-the-place, it’s only because the tune is hyper enough to make one question: why haven’t I thought of wearing those moon shoes from the ‘90s (they’re like trampolines for your feet) to the club before?

Born Morgan Neiman, the LA-based DJ has previously used the phrase “I can do it myself” in an original track. On “22 Years,” featured on her 2015 EP You On Top, she raps in the fashion of Kitty Pryde: “I can do it myself / can you do it yourself?” Additionally, “YES I PRODUCED IT” is pretty much her tagline. Coupled with Ducky’s sonic palette and production skills, that D.I.Y. girl power aesthetic is exactly the kind of cheeky feminism the dance music world needs right now.

Download "I Can Do It Myself" via Toneden here. 

Connect with Ducky: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud



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