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Beau Young Prince unleashes "Until Then"

Washington D.C. native Beau Young Prince is a quintessential product of his environment. This diverse and extremely talented artist uses all of his influences to his advantage when it comes to his music. With the release of Until Then, Beau has personified versatility. You are as likely to hear BYP rap about falling in and out of love, as you are to hear him croon about getting a Half & Half from the carry-out joint down the street.  Beau crafted such a beautifully structured project where he touches base on all different types of sounds across all genres but still does not stray away from his roots. The young artist can go from singing melodies about having passionate sex with a girl to aggressively rapping about experiences with drugs and violence. Above everything else, BYP’s music is a reflection of his upbringing in DC. The southeast native clearly studied his city’s musical roots and implemented them into his music. Traces of jazz, hip-hop, and perhaps most notably, go-go music are all present in Beau’s work. Prince, a true DC native, blends elements of the city’s most iconic beats and sounds—everything from Chuck Brown flair to Fat Trel grit to Oddisee lyricism bubbles to the surface in BYP’s music.

The self-proclaimed “Groovy God” has also amassed a great following online and throughout social media. Until Then has over two million plays since December 2016, and Prince has gained thousands of followers on Twitter and Soundcloud. His reach has also translated into the creation of a global fanbase. Prince has collaborated with artists all around the world, and has had his music featured on MTV, BBC UK, Hypetrak, and more. He has also performed at SXSW for three consecutive years, and has opened for stars like Danny Brown, Wale, and Ryan Hemsworth. Prince briefly negotiated with Atlantic Records in 2011, but decided to finish school before fully pursuing a career in music.


Connect with Beau Young Prince: Twitter / SoundCloud

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