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Mark Clennon releases "Find You" video, a statement on police brutality

Mark Clennon has released his new "Find You" music video, a statement on police brutality, perhaps partially inspired by the slayings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling last summer. Born in Jamaica, the singer and songwriter is currently based in Toronto. A theatrical background has added to his stage show, as well as his dramatic posturings in the "Find You" music video, where he implores the listener to not let them, "kill what's in your heart." 

The video starts out in the forest, but quickly devolves into suburban and city streets, where the brutality occurs. Clennon swerves his body dramatically in protest against the injustice that plagues the black community in America. Flash back to the woods, where one is safe against the violence that can be so much a part of human nature. 

Connect with Mark Clennon: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 



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