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Huey Supreme renounces love in "Never Fall" [Video]

There is an old saying: "Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. " But why is that? While love may be an emotion that, like so many others, is completely out of control to those who succumb to it, the romanticized idea of finding a single soulmate today is written off as naive. Many argue that it's much easier to "simply" avoid love in favor of life unbeguiled by heartbreak and emotional distress because let's face it, who has time for those things? Yet, whether one is able to admit to it or not, subconsciously it is a warmth sought by all. 

Then again, I'm no Dr. Phil. Ask Huey Supreme, and he'll say that it's better to have loved. "Never Fall", shot and directed by budding auteur Aaron Dee was released, ironically, a week after Valentine's Day and finds the rapper/ vocalist empowered by the consequences of love lost. Hailing from Virginia, Huey laments to an old homey/ lover/ friend on the track, weaving a story of how his own personal growth and strength were the biggest takeaways from a toxic relationship.  In losing a close friend in the process, he swears to never fall in love again.

Visually, "Never Fall" is just as smooth as the track itself. While not subscribing to tell a linear story visually, director Aaron Dee instead captures the essence and fiery sentiment of Huey in imagery.  By using a lot of reds in contrast to the videos mostly dark tone, he's able to flex his cinematography skills.

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