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LPX releases electric new solo track "Tightrope"

LPX has released her electric new track "Tightrope," and electronic song with some riot grrrl and punk sensibilities in her vocals. LPX is the solo project of Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR fame, who is also half of the founding duo behind Neon Gold record label. MS MR has recently taken a hiatus after six years of touring and two critically acclaimed albums, so Plapinger is now able to focus on her own solo projects. 

Her debut song is a sparkling pop number with a positively primal attitude that resonates in our eardrums. Produced by James Flannigan and mixed by Rich Costley, the song showcases her strength as a singer-songwriter and gives some insight into her personality outside of MS MR. 


"I'm here to assert myself - harder, louder, and stronger - as a woman and an artist/ A force to be reckoned with, wrapped in amplified distortion, emotion and chaos," Plapinger said in her own words. "To create music that RIPS through your speakers and shakes you to your core, the kind of music that gets into your blood, takes hold and doesn't let go."

Connect with LPX: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 



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