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Judge Jules successfully expands his horizon on "Te Quiero" [Premiere]

To put it simply, Judge Jules is a house and electronic music veteran. He's been DJing for 30 years, earning a name for himself hosting a radio show on BBC Radio 1 and mixing compilations for the leaders in dance music like Ministry of Sound and MixMag. In 2006, he released his first solo album, titled fittingly Proven Worldwide. Since then, he's watched the dance world expand and retract, and evolve from what was an industry driven by house and trance - where he made his mark -  to one that encompassed an innumerable range of sounds. 

Over the years, Jules has made it a priority to evolve his sound and not get stuck. “The music industry evolves and changes over time and I’ve always been a firm believer that a DJ has to be able to evolve to remain relevant. As much as flexibility is important behind the decks, the same applies when it comes to production." On his latest, he proves that mantra is still true. Entitled "Te Quiero," the track will be released via house outlet PinkStar Records. Deep in nature, "Te Quiero" shows that Jules has capitalised on his history with trance music, harnessing an understanding of melody and energy through piano, sampling, world beats and dark synths. "I’ve never felt tied to one particular genre – I’ve always felt that mood is what’s important, and Te Quiero has mood in spades." Staying away from a usual beat, "It’s not a typical ‘banger’ with a predictable drop, I’ve incorporated more features that you might find in a ‘traditional’ song – orchestral elements, vocals and of course, a bassline that ties it all together. It’s been in my record box for a while now and the response in clubs when I’ve played it has been great, so I’m looking forward to finally seeing this one released properly.”

Connect with Judge Jules: SoundCloud | Facebook | Mixcloud

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