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Diamond Pistols dazzle with dance/pop crossover "Run Away"

Need to add some sparkle to your day? Look no further than Diamond Pistols' brand new single "Run Away", featuring Ian Everson. Released via Spinnin' Records, the single shines brightly with its future bass feel, bubbly synths and stellar guest vocals. Resisting the urge to dance will be hard for this one.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Christian Dold, better known as, Diamond Pistols, creates a sense of euphoria with "Run Away". Although the lyrics talk about that love you know just isn't right, it's hard not to feel the romance that has intoxicated vocalist Ivan Everson. The track opens with chimes and a pulsing drum line that builds into a massive-sounding synth section that sounds very Porter Robinson a la Worlds.

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