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Speak & Dream Panther tag team on new album, drop new single "Viva La Lagunilla"

The man of many names such as Craigslist Killer, Westside Art Goon, The Hair God of Rap, and more frequently, Speak, is back to terrorize airwaves and speakers all over with "Lagunilla," a new collaboration with fellow Angeleno Dream Panther. The Moreno Valley boy is nowhere to be seen in Los Angeles nowadays, for the last year opting to return to his native home Mexico, new number and all. When and if he'll ever cross back over to the States is up in the air but he's making sure to remind us that even though he's not home, he can rap circles around your favorite. Their joint album under the moniker SPEAKPANTHER is expected to drop February 24th.

Viva La Lagunilla is the first offering from SPEAKPANTHER, the collaborative effort between rapper/songwriter Speak and multi-instrumentalist/producer Dream Panther. "The Lagunilla is in a section of Mexico city most tourists don’t visit,” says Speak. “The idea was to capture an average Sunday where commerce & community intersect while trying to understand my own identity as Mexican-American living here." - Speak

Effortless as always and with a swagger matched by few, he glides over a smooth but hard-hitting Sueño production, who provides us with a night sky full of stars accompanied by sharp hi-hats and tough bass. From the early days of Inside Out Boy to now, Speak has grown more and more with every work he has put out. The only thing that hasn't changed is him; he manages to paint a picture with every canvas he gets. You can support SPEAKPANTHER by streaming "Viva La Lagunilla" on Spotify, purchasing it on Amazon, or purchasing it on iTunes.

Connect with Speakz: Facebook Twitter Instagram  | Spotify | Soundcloud

Connect with Dream Panther: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud



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