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Vee Tha Rula drops that Gatling gun flow on "Bowser" [Video]


That Gatling gun flow!

Arizona-based emcee, Vee Tha Rula, released a video today for Level UP standout “Bowser”. The video is pretty simple, which features Vee either rapping to the camera in an all white room or rapping to the camera in various street shots, and that’s completely fine. When you have a track that is as bananas as this one, it’s almost a disservice to overcomplicate the video, it just takes away from the song. After listening to the song, you’ll see what I mean.

The whole track is pretty gnarly, with clever and often hilarious punchlines throughout, but around the 1:30-minute mark, Vee really goes in. The dude seemingly goes Super Saiyan and doesn't stop to take a breath for a good 20 seconds.

Vee is one of those artists that you find and wonder, “How is this dude not everywhere if he can rap like this?”. No idea, but hopefully he will be soon.

Be sure to press play above on “Bowser” and give his entire Level Up EP a spin!

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