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Dirty Projectors release visually stunning video for "Little Bubble"

The video for September released "Keep Your Name" was indie rock band Dirty Projectors' take on the chaotic state of disillusion after a break up, when your existence is color-drained and the world slows down. Although the black and white video had a few corny elements, like emojis and dripping spray paint (yawn), it adequately captured the initial confusion and shock of breaking up. 

The band's latest video for "Little Bubble" is Dirty Projectors' representation of the inevitable rebuilding phase, where frontman David Longstreth begins to realize the true nature of his relationship and injects color back into his art. The video, directed by Longstreth and Adam Newport-Berra, is a blend of the two creatives' visions; it features the sweeping landscapes and interaction with background and foreground of the Berra directed video for "Impregnable Question," and effectively communicates the sinister undertones of a "Little Bubble" relationship.

While the Beats by Dre product placement was off-putting, I'm sure it played a large part in making these gorgeous backdrops possible. The directors take viewers on an ASMR-effect journey, with naturally beautiful visuals juxtaposed with clips of wires and iPads. Longstreth and Berra distort the picturesque images to expose what happens when the "Little Bubble" of an idealized relationship pops. 

The video came after an accidental Spotify leak with news about a possible upcoming song with the same title via email last month, and a one minute video snippet released on Tuesday via Longstreth's Twitter. This is the first new music from Dirty Projectors since 2013, and has me sufficiently on my toes awaiting more to come. 

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