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MF Doom & Madlib are in top form on "Avalanche"

MF Doom and Madlib (aka Madvillain) are back with a fuego new track, “Avalanche”. If you're a big fan of this duo, it may be important to note, that this track was previously released as “Madlib Doom” and not “Madvillain”. Semantics. Point is, we’ve got a new track from the killer combo that brought us Madvillainy back in 2004.

I feel as though I shouldn’t even write another word and just let you listen because GOD DAMN IT’S GOOD TO HAVE THEM BACK.

I’m kidding, though, I will say another word; in fact, I will say a few. When this popped up on Instagram this morning, I was stoked yet apprehensive, because I have felt Doom’s past few releases were not his greatest. Maybe he’s over the hill? Who could say, not that projects like JJ Doom or NehruvianDoom were bad projects, but they weren’t as good as the classics.

“Avalanche” has me eating my words, however, and enjoying every bite. THIS is Doom and Madlib in top form. The punch lines, the multiples, the wordplay, everything comes together perfectly.

Play it on repeat above and keep your eyes and ears on EARMILK for more news on all things Doom and Madlib.

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