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Grynpyret returns in adorable fashion with "Kites"

It has been about a year since we last heard from Grynpyret, but the Swedish producer is back and is just as adorable as ever. Released via Secret Songs, “Kites” is a sugary-sweet and extremely cute track that feels like it could be background music in any Animal Crossing game

Opening with harmonica and murmurs of playful chords, Grynpyret glides into the softest drum sounds and the most adorable sounding choir of voices singing "La La La". Adding to its sweetness, "Kites" adds in the tiniest sounding trumpets and a marching band-influenced beat. Before the song comes to a close, he adds in a heartwarming string section followed by a harmonica solo and comes to triumphant finish as everything comes together in perfect harmony.

Connect with Grynpyret: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



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