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Introducing Pacific Horizons on new track "Burning Stars" (feat. Peaking Lights)

From the house music dance floors of the west coast, Pacific Horizons have just released original track "Burning Stars," featuring Peaking Lights. Released on Deus Records, an NYC based label helmed by music guru Justin Miller, the duo have released a sparkly, positively psychedelic track developed within the hallowed walls of their LA studio. 

Peaking Lights is an anomaly in the music industry, as they produce purely for the sake of creation and are unconcerned with the world outside, namely the flashing lights of Los Angeles. Drawing on various eras of psychedelic music, the duo blends both old school and modern for a mind-altering sound that translates far beyond the club scene. 

Thus far, Peaking Lights have drawn attention from Francois K, Andrew Weatherall and David Mancuso

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