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Barcelona-born duo Thalab float on electronic atmospherics in "2 Sails" [Premiere]

Barcelona-born, London-based duo Thalab is raising their profile with their new single, "2 Sails." Their previous tracks, "Jule", "Chased Lines", and a remix of Shadow Child's "Climbin", laid the groundwork with a sound somewhere between Bob Moses, Jose Gonzalez, and Bonobo. "2 Sails" follows up in that vein, blending acoustic instruments with ambient synths and heartfelt vocals that all come together to create a dreamy, wavy and unforgettable vibe. 

The track kicks off with ambient electronics before synth chords, guitar strums and inventive, trip-hop drums drop in. One of the brothers sings with an unsteady swag, comparing his relationship to being on a boat. In the chorus he sings, "I'm on a boat, no I won't need more, I got 2 sails and the sun." It's a rare confluence of instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics that all reach the same, beachy, sun-soaked vibe. Thalab has toured a bit already, playing and DJing in New York, Ibiza, and London, but be on the lookout for more live dates, and releases, from them in the near future. Until then, take in and enjoy the summery vibe. 

Connect with Thalab:  SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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