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IshDARR talks about his new project and his role in Milwaukee's rising Hip-Hop Movement [Interview]

Milwaukee has had an impressive year as city with the amount of talented artists, specifically hip-hop artists, that are making waves. Wave Chapelle, Ted Park, Maajei Vu, Von Alexander, Webster X, and Renz Young are just a few of the artists proving that Milwaukee has some serious contenders.

One artist that has struck out and really created a serious name for himself as a heavyweight in Milwaukee and beyond is IshDARR. IshDARR might be new to some, but he has been creating a serious buzz over the last couple of years with his infectious and relatable music. With the release of his latest project Broken Hears & Bankrolls, IshDARR is solidifying his place as an artist that will be here for a while.

We had a chance to ask IshDARR about his new project, his role in the Milwaukee hip-hop scene, and his plans for 2017. See what he had to share.

EARMILK: You've had a busy last couple of years. From touring Europe to releases and shows around the US, what is the coolest memory or two you have from the last 2 years?
IshDARR: The coolest memory by far has been my sold out show in my home city of Milwaukee, WI, at the Rave. Being the first artist from the city to do so was monumental for me and my career. It gave me the motivation to keep going.
EARMILK: How would you describe your sound?
IshDARR: I describe my sound as free, wise, and self motivated.

EARMILK: How did you come up with the title for your new project, "Broken Hearts & Bank Rolls"? What was the inspiration for the project?
IshDARR: I came up with the title for my new project after finding myself sitting in my room wondering why these recurring events kept happening in my life. Whether it was relationship problems or money problems, it seemed to be a phase of my life I was stuck in. I feel once I put it in the universe, it stuck the first time. I actually tweeted it out the moment I thought of it; and management hit me asap like, 'that should most def be the next project title'. I agreed, because nothing felt realer than that title at the moment. 
EARMILK: There are no features on "Broken Hearts & Bankrolls" except for your friends EMAAD an Ju Preach. Was this intentional or did it just work out that way?
IshDARR: Indeed, this was on purpose. As a group we are known as Cream City Motion consisting of 7 members. We've all known each other for 10+ years. I never liked features for some reason anyways unless it was some one I really knew and trusted to bring quality. My whole family will be heard and I'll do whatever to guarantee that.

EARMILK: Eyes are on Milwaukee, as there are many buzzing up and coming hip-hop artists. Where do you see yourself/your role in this ever-growing Milwaukee hip-hop scene?
IshDARR: I see myself as the main movement out the city right now. All eyes are on me and have been since we sold out The Rave. That shit is so unheard of coming from Milwaukee, WI. I make sure to try to remain positive about many things I do because of so many people watching me. You just have to remain alert and keep inspiring. It's beautiful to see all the artists I've inspired in the city alone. I feel it's only a matter of time before we all go up.
EARMILK: What's on tap for IshDARR this upcoming year?
IshDARR: Lol stay tuned. It's going to be a crazy one.

You heard the man; stay tuned for what is in store for IshDARR.

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