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Daye Jack aint about that Bullshit with his latest [Video]

Daye Jack is a straight shooter. I think that’s why I gravitated towards the young Georgia MC last year when I saw his video for “Save My Soul”. It seems he prefers a simple approach, at least for videos, and it is a very welcome effort in today’s music scene.

For those of you haven’t heard Daye before, definitely pick up last years Soul Glitch EP and his Hello World mixtape which came out in 2014 (which he dropped at the age of 18). Both are great pieces of music and will say a lot about who this young man is and where he is headed. And to add to that story, Hello World caught the attention of bloggers and labels, he’s currently signed to Warner Bros. Records, so big ups to this guy.

Back to “Bullshit”, one of the standout tracks from his latest album Surf the Web which dropped just under two weeks ago, Daye keeps things simple with his video which really helps convey the point that he is staying away from all the bullshit in the music world.

The video is shot in black and white, and features not much more than Daye rapping in different shots, sometimes with an attractive co star, sometimes without. Clearly, the art direction is used to mirror his distaste for the music scene by keeping things simple. Aside from the video, the productions are fairly paired down as well. The beat consists of nothing more than a fairly groovy bass line and some drums, helping to highlight both Daye and the songs theme.

Overall, I’d say the video is a smart pairing to an already great track. Daye is certainly an artist to keep an eye on as his style continues to grow and develop in the years to come.


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