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MOTSA Drops Latest Dreamy EP, 'Petricolour'

MOTSA, also known as the half Austrian, half Russian music maker Valerio Dittrich, has just dropped his latest awe inspiring EP, Petricolour. Released on the artist’s own imprint with the same name, Petricolour experiments with a unique, bass lead sound that’s anything from a copycat of MOTSA’s UK electronic influences.

Unlikely fragments of sound blend harmoniously with soulful textures, embodying MOTSA’s eclectic production on each of the EP's four tracks. Using organic sounds to tell a tale of humanity continually repeating its mistakes, MOTSA scratches past the surface of electronic music to carve his own unique sound on Petricolour. Check out the EP, and watch the accompanying video for the first track, "Petrichor." 

Connect with MOTSA: SoundcloudBandcamp | Instagram

Dance · Electronic · Electronica · House


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