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Sydney producer Husky has deep vibes for you on 'Get Into You'

Sydney producer Husky has a whole new funky jam to kick your day into style. His latest release "Get Into You" is a playful new number filled with funk, jazz, and everything good you can ask for. Featuring the soulful vocals of Andre Espeut, Husky remarks, “I really wanted to write something organic and soulful that could stand up for years to come. I had been following Andre for a while and I already had the basic chords in place and a funky bass down when I sent the draft track to Andre, he got the vocal over to me within a few days. After playing it out for a while though It still needed that jazzy element for me to tie it all together, so I enlisted the incredible talents of Dane Laboyrie.”

With a timeless essence surrounding the track, groovy trumpet solos, a classic piano-house beat and a energetic vibraphone,  "Get Into You" is filled with all the good vibes you can ask for on this sunny Fall day. The new single is out now on iTunes and Spotify through Bobbin Head Music. Give it a stream below. 

Connect with Husky: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Dance · Funk · Jazz


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