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Four Tet remixes Mura Masa & A$AP Rocky's "Love$ick"

What a day! Tonight, not only is New York City being graced with the performances of British electronic and hip hop mastermind Mura Masa, but also his recent collaborator A$AP Rocky. Though they're having two separate performances in the city, they just released a re-up of Mura Masa's "Lovesick" (turned "Love$ick," obviously), at the end of September, and now the track is back with a new remix. And it's not just any remix, it's from the ever elusive and ever shocking producer Four Tet. Yes, the guy who makes 9 minute and 59 seconds long remixes debuted his latest masterpiece on Zane Lowe's show on Beats1 earlier today, and it is just that - a masterpiece.





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