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Afterwave Records releases new compilation "Technoscope" [Premiere]

The latest release from Brooklyn-based label Afterwave Records has released their new compilation Technoscope exclusively on our site today. Featuring originals from label artists Krames, William B, Buzzi, Klienfeld and Katie Rex the EP is exactly what it sounds like, pure, unadulterated techno, complete with hypnotizing visuals. 

The compilation spans six tracks in a concise fifteen minutes, tailor-made for club-goers in New York's seductive late night party scene. First track "Grains Of Sand" by Buzzi features vocals by Human A (singer Heather Celeste), which is decidedly simple and direct. The co-founders Krames and William B then join forces on "Imagine," a hard hitter with it's intense synths and booming percussion. 

Technoscope then moves on to "Acid Drip" by Krames, which is positively psychedelic and funk-riddled. "A Fireside Chat," by Kleinfeld is decidedly Detroit-focused, haunted and intense. "I Don't Want To Dance," is a standout track from Technoscope, building in intensity the longer it plays. Katie Rex's "He's A Cancer," rounds the EP off in an elevated place, with a melody that is simultaneously haunting and uplifting. 

Co-founder Krames said on the birth of Afterwave Records, "William B and I became engulfed in the world of modular synthesizers and our intrigue into the history of this instrument inspired us to build modules and perform live sets. The idea of Afterwave Records came about as an outlet to share the music both us and our collective of artists were making and playing at our parties in Brooklyn; as well as, to be able to release both modular synth music and techno for the dance-floor on the same label." 

Connect with Afterwave Records: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 

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