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Cazzette release new electric new single "Static"

Swedish electronic music duo Cazzette have released their electric new single "Static" exclusively on our site today. Alexander Bjorklund and Sebastian Furrer are best known for songs "Beam Me Up," from their debut album, Eject, released in 2012, and "Sleepless," released in 2014. Cazzette have performed with the likes of Swedish house monster Avicii and are coming into the industry as heavyweights in their own right. 

But the two are about to set the EDM world on fire with "Static," which features streamlined vocals and a funky beat over triumphant synths. "Static" is, in it's essence, a song about that tricky place in between love and commitment where you are not sure which way to go. "What are we waiting for?" The vocalist sings out so insistently that you know the lovers have been there before. 

Connect with Cazzette: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 



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