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Get familiar with Mountns and their new single "Hey Love" with Lewis Lane

 As of this week in New York City, it's officially becoming fall. As we're facing this harsh reality, there are still some gifts that the end of summer has to bring to us: the never-ending tour announcements, and the reissuing of good music's release as people prepare to settle down into their more sedentary winter lives. Not only that, but we have more time and opportunity to discover more emerging artists like that which we're featuring today. 
Mountns is a collaborative project featuring talents from just about every facet in the creative world. With a producer, film composer, visual artist and vocalist getting together, there's no doubt the result will be out out of bounds, but the question is: is it successfully focused? We quickly received our answer in listening to "Hey Love," the group's multidimensional first single. Out today, "Hey Love" incorporates a special brand of electronic melancholy, soulful infectiousness, and a gorgeous and memorable vocal appearance from Brooklyn-based singer Lewis Lane. Entrancing chord progressions pave the way for her vocal performance, one that is perfectly intertwined with the rest of Mountn's soundscapes.
There's an organic feeling to "Hey Love," constructed from musical elements from the past and present. The coordinated effort on this one can only make us excited for fall, and what's to come from Mountns.
Connect with Mountns: SoundCloud | Official Site
Electronic · Premiere


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