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Matt Lange takes Armin van Buuren's "This Is What It Feels Like" into the techno rabbit hole

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than three years since Armin van Buuren released his chart-topping track “This is What it Feels Like.” A collaboration with singer Trevor Guthrie, the track marked a new era in Armin’s career, serving as a sign of the times: dance music had transitioned over to radio, and its biggest artists were beginning to acknowledge the change in the dynamic by releasing tracks that were dance-influenced, but appealing enough for radio play. “This is What it Feels Like” was Armin’s first overt step into this direction, away from his “King of Trance” roots.

A lot in dance music has changed since this original release in 2013. Artists that crossed over to pop music are since returning to their fan base as pop music has adopted progressive house as its own sound, and now, one of the tracks that started it all has gotten a 2016 revamp from a rising star form the underground base. LA’s Matt Lange has also seen transitions in his career, and where he’s found his stride is shown perfectly in his resurrection of a remix of “This is What it Feels Like,” that with his touch is a deep dive down the rabbit hole into techno. The polar opposite of the original’s feel-good mantra, Lange has brought the track into the cavernous, churning, underworld of techno. Debuted on A State of Trance today, it’s out now via Armada Music.



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