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CHEERLEADER's "A Million Ways" gets a future bass remix from Juny Stone [Premiere]

It’s hard for the anthemic lyrics of CHEERLEADER’s song “A Million Ways” to not resonate with a lot of people. The chorus resounds with arms hand outstretched, “And I know what they’ll say, get a job act your age. But I know that it’s useless, cause I’ll never change. I’m a slob I’m a wreck, if you like me like that. It’s OK I won’t change.” The song is catchy and vibrant showing off the band’s invigorating indie haze-pop.

Today, the song gets a dose of bass and midi keys with a future bass remix from Puerto Rican producer Juny Stone. The remix adds a sonic shimmer to the already glistening track, breathing new personality and character into those revered words. Be sure to catch CHEERLEADER at one of their shows below. 

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Connect with Juny Stone: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


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