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Tegan and Sara's "Boyfriend" gets a groovy remix from The Darcys [Premiere]

Canadian duo The Darcys must have been kissed by the California sun while recording parts of their forthcoming album Centerfold in LA, which is out November 4 via Arts & Crafts. Their 2013 album Warring was a beautiful blend of alternative rock that was equal parts brooding, gritty, and beautiful. As they tease their newer stuff with releases of “Miracle” and “Coming Up For Air” you can feel the technicolor tinge in every danceable measure and pop infused downbeat. It's a definite departure from their past work but one that is destined to have their catchy melodies and hooks stuck in your head and their songs climbing and sitting at the top of charts. 


After working on new material, the duo decided to dabble with their new dancehall desires and remix fellow Canadian duo Tegan and Sara’s “Boyfriend.” The melody and the structure of the song are relatively intact but the existing structure has been kissed with a heavy dose of glitter and crunchy synths. Their remix gives the already irresistible pop hit an 80s sound that is both nostalgic and futuristic but all around damn good and damn hard to not chair dance to.

Connect with The Darcys: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter
Connect with Tegan and Sara: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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