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Introducing MAAD and her new single "90's Love"

You might not recognize the name MAAD just yet but the NYC based artist has a whole slew of jobs so you might have sene her name pop up somewhere along the way. Singer, songwriter, DJ and model are just a few of the items on her cv. Last week she debuted her new single "90s Love" and it's a true love ballad that will remind you of the good ole' days of classic Usher, TLC, Boys II Men and many of those throwback classics and jams. With a debut EP ‘Lé Funk’ slated for release this autumn, new music and visuals on the way, MAAD is on a serious mission to bring throwback funk and soul influenced sounds back to the music scene. Have a listen to 90's love below and hop in a time machine with MAAD. 

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90's · R&B


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