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Ellusive reveals rivetting "Space Between Us" feat. Erene

I had first heard of mysterious producer Ellusive in the enigmatic work "Trapped in Fourths" with T-Mass and Mona Moua, released early 2016. Fast forward a few months later and the song is still stapled into my memory and hits the feels in a consistent way. The producer has had a huge spurt in success in the last few months, amassing a substantial 100k following on Soundcloud. If that isn't indicative of Ellusive's success, it can be attributed to the the quality production on each of his releases to date.

"Space Between Us" was released just yesterday and is a soul drenched tune with  a feathery and unique sound design. Featuring the airy vocals of Erene, the work takes on a blissful vibe with a pulsating side chain promoting a sonic iridescence. With the full bass hits and subtly quirky tempo of it's percussion, Ellusive's innovative style truly shines. Another added perk to the sublime work is Ellusive's ability to creatively insert obscured sounds from a blown out horn, giggle to pixelated blips. In conclusion, the emotionally filling release is really pumping us up for what's next to come from the inventive producer!

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