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New artist Kwon throws down an infectious sound in "Forever"

Making his debut into the electronic world is producer Kwon and his latest track "Forever". The producer hails from the DMV and was initially inspired to dive into music with the introduction of Pretty Lights. With his peers such as Imad Royal, Stephen and Manila Killa sharing common interests and inspirations, Kwon thrives in fruitful space to grow and develop his sound as an artist. 

It's not uncommon that electronic artists frequently sample today's top 40 hits. In fact, it's a great way to pave your way into the scene, reinterpreting something that's already familiar to a general audience. In Kwon's first release, he flips a hook from Canadian rapper Drake's "Forever" and carries a chilled future bass vibe with hip hop inspired tempo and beats. Together, the manipulated vocals and voluminous percussion create a completely new take on the Drake classic. With the robust snares, frilling synths and melodies, Kwon has listeners excited for what else is in store. 


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