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Action drops theme song for 'Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens'

Have you been watching VICELAND's Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens? If your answer is no:

  1. What the fuck have you been doing?
  2.  I'm going to need you to stop reading this article and immediately binge watch the past six episodes.

If your answer is yes:

  1. Ayeeee roll up mass blunts in preparation for tonight.

On the show, he's been joined by magical wind dancers, Riff Raff, Melissa Etheridge, Dirt Nasty, Andy Milonakis, SchoolBoy, Earl & more. He even unsuccessfully rolls a blunt for a thirsty fan and flirts with her on screen making us feel a lil somethin', somethin'. 

Now just in time for a new episode, Action Bronson has dropped his unofficial theme song for the show. In true Action Bronson style homie talks about rolling trees, taking a shit and being a descendant of the stars. Listen to the track and get high school high then watch Action Bronson Watches Ancient Aliens because honestly, even the shit they do with the green screen is extremely worth it. You know the producers of this show are just stoned as fuck editing the scenes eating munchies just like "yeah, this is lit af". Catch it tonight at 11pm on VICELAND. Don't sleep. 

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