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Sean Turk flips "Dive" by Salvatore with ENYA & Alex Aris

In just a few months, New York based producer Sean Turk has released a slew of killer remixes and has hustled to make his name in the scene known. He takes on a polished producing style which compliments a variation of vocals in his versatile electronic sound. Merging indie, pop and electronic, Sean Turk caters to an expansive audience outside and within the electronic scene. 

So what marks the breaking point of success for an upcoming artist? Several milestones can be considered, from reaching a certain amount of followers online, playing a sold out show and more. In Sean Turk's latest remix of "Dive" by Salvatore Ft. ENYA & Alex Aris, he celebrates a significant stand out point in his career. The remix is the artist's debut on a major label, Warner Music Group.

Sean Turk adds a silky future bass vibe to "Dive", with perky vocal chops and glistening synths. By shifting over the percussion to a perkier and more progressive nature, Sean Turk reimagines the track in a positive and innovative way. Strong composition and subtle details create a full-bodied electronic tune to set your week off just right.

“It’s an amazing feeling to release with a major that has done legendary things for music. To have this happen after only five months…just surreal.” - Sean Turk

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