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Watch duo TIDES inspire with their video for "Take My Hand" [Premiere]

TIDES is a duo composed of Innocent, who hails from Zimbabwe, and Dan from South Korea. The two met at Grammy camp way back in 2009, but after clicking and then reconnecting several years later, they are now back with a new project together. 

That reunion was only six months ago and now just two weeks ago, TIDES released their debut single, "Take My Hand" and it's a soulful, R&B electronic beats track that, as our friends at Nest HQ put it, sounds like something "In an alternate universe where Phil Collins has a soulful voice, chooses to use a TR-808, and performs with a key synth..."

Today, listeners can also check out TIDES's music video for "Take My Hand" and it's a heartwarming affair that jumps between scenes of the duo working in the studio, goofing around, and ultimately, showing their song to the world in a very human manner. The duo chooses not to hide behind an artistic facade, making it seem like they're people you could be friends with. And sometimes, being cool means not being mysterious as many artists choose to be these days. 

"Take My Hand" is also available to stream via SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. 

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