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Peter Wise shows us the bitter taste of "Sweet Solitude" [Video Premiere]

Brooklyn-based pop-soul phenom, Peter Wise, just dropped some trippy visuals for "Sweet Solitude," a delightfully downbeat, quasi-bluesy serving of feely feels that will make you want to hold bae a wee bit tighter -- otherwise he/she may get snatched up by some Star Wars-esque Royal Guards in red cloaks. Seriously.

The video for "Sweet Solitude" truly does an amazing job of driving home the feeling of love lost, and the desperate struggle to win back what once seemed invulnerable. Watching Wise pound the ground in frustration with a resounding chorus behind him evokes the unenviable position of aimlessly running through the woods of relationship purgatory: It sucks; but Wise's lemon meringue vocals make melancholy sound pretty sweet. (Dude's falsetto would make a teapot say "Dayummm.")

Here's what Wise had to say about the Duncan Wilder-directed flick:

"I was up late one night and couldn’t sleep when the idea for the Sweet Solitude video came to me, and I spent the next couple of hours writing out the concept.  It’s basically a depiction of the forces that drive two people apart.  We had a three day window to shoot the entire video and get everyone’s schedules aligned, but fortunately everything came together and we were able to pull it off."

Peep out the EARMILK premiere of the "Sweet Solitude" video below, and be on the looky-look for Wise's upcoming EP this fall!

Connect with Peter Wise: SoundCloud | Twitter | Official Website

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