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Fatboy Slim goes up against Ninetoes' classic "Finder (Hope)"

Fatboy Slim needs no introduction. And when he drops a new track, we're going to pay attention.

Fatboy Slim is old school. He's not one to plaster his releases all over social media, nor is he one to play every festival during festival season. He's not keeping up with the Jones's by releasing track after track, and that's of course, because he doesn't need to. As a pioneer in electronic music breaking through the glass ceiling in the early 2000's with tracks like "Praise You" hitting the Top 40, he's earned the respect he needs to be successful for eternity. He's a champion of world music, bringing tribal electro and pop in some of the best production (and spinning, if you can catch it live) that you can find. So this week, we're paying attention as he released his new take on "Finder." 

The original track is of course from Ninetoes released in 2013 and since, "Finder" rose to classic status. And in his release via Spinnin' Deep, Fatboy Slim has brought a new beat to "Finder" for 2016. Maintaining the iconic and recognizable steel drum melody, along with another iconic house vocal from "Hope (Cause I've Learned to Cope)" he's created a masterpiece that breathes Ibiza sunset.

"Finder (Hope)" is streaming and available for purchase via Beatport.

Connect with Fatboy Slim: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter




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