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Teddy Fantum urges to watch out for that "Fake Love"

Toronto has really emerged as THE hottest city in rap and R&B over the past few years. No, really, it has. Ok, so you've got the obvious artists such as Drake and The Weeknd, however there's a whole host of fresh talent coming through the city. The likes of Tory Lanez have been getting  a lot of media attention this past year or so, but one rapper that's stayed on my own radar is XO affiliated rapper Teddy Fantum.

The T-Dot native has been steadily building up his catalogue of music, and has featured a few times on EARMILK before, most recently for his single "Therapy" towards the back end of 2015. With a few months with nothing really surfacing, we've finally been treated to a new cut from Fantum, and it bangs. Entitled "Fake Love", this single is all about how fake life can be, whether it's the people you meet, the situations you find yourself in, we've all been a part of something that just doesn't sit right. Teddy describes what it's like to grow up, and be able to start seeing through people who ain't really upfront with you. Backed by a bass-driven instrumental produced by Ikaz Boi & local engineer Saint Fall, Fantum snaps on the beat, showing us that Toronto is a WHOLE lot more than a few select artists, and with this joint blasting out the speakers, who are we to argue?!

You can stream Fantum's latest single above, and if you're liking what you're hearing be sure to follow Teddy on his Twitter and Soundcloud,


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