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Tamu Massif brings the feels with release of new single, "OK" [Premiere]

Dave Dixon, who goes by the sobriquet Tamu Massif,  has dropped the second track off his forthcoming EP. He released his first track "Holding Back" about 3 months ago but has hit us in the feels with this new emotional track today titled, "Ok".

Tamu Massif reminds us of a hybrid of Chet Faker & James Blake. He has graceful pitch shifts, a delicate tone and a plethora of feel good instruments scattered throughout strategic soundscapes. This track defines the lingering thoughts within the artist's mind; "Ok" embodies the realness of a fading friendship - when you feel like you're in the midst of losing someone close to your heart. The intro of the song samples a girl saying, "you can count on me". So yes, right from the gecko the song pulls on your heartstrings. Massif describes the different sounds he used to create the full bodied soundscape on the New Year's Eve he spent in Naples last year. Massif pulled inspiration from the sounds of explosions and firecrackers heard from his Italian balcony. 

"I sampled the sound of the celebrations in the second half of the song- I thought it’d be interesting to contrast those celebrations with something more contemplative and melancholic lyrically." Tamu Massif

The track envelopes a gloomy forecast with a longing for something lost, while at the same time maintaining an uplifting tone with layered harmonies, a pulsing heartbeat bass and delicate synths. 

Keep an ear out for the rest of his bone chilling EP due out soon.

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